“Don’t panic”

– Douglas Adams

Shit will happen (Rule 1). Once you accept this then it makes dealing with it easier and simpler.

Unless it’s life-threatening (and sometimes it might be – call 999), I find the best way of handling the disaster (because that’s what it probably feels like), is simply to stop and do nothing for a few moments except breath deeply, maybe make a cup of tea, and breath again.

Give yourself some mental breathing space. Look at what’s happened (or happening), and ask what needs to be done first. Ask yourself who and what will help. Call a friend or family member. Google it. Accept the situation and ask yourself if you can live with it. Take one small step to resolving the problem and you’ll be a lot closer to fixing everything.

The sun will still rise in the morning because the world will still be turning regardless of what’s happened. And it’s not what happens to us in life, but the way we deal with it that makes the difference.

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